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Solid Ash Table Top

25mm solid ash table top made from premium timber, available in the following sizes:

D 60cm (Depth: 2.5cm)
D 75cm (Depth: 2.5cm)
D 90cm (Depth: 2.5cm)
D 120cm Walnut finish only (Depth: 2.5cm)

W 60cm x 60cm (Depth: 2.5cm)
W 70cm x 70cm (Depth: 2.5cm)
W 80cm x 80cm (Depth: 2.5cm)
W 90cm x 90cm (Depth: 2.5cm)

L 120cm x W 70cm (Depth: 2.5cm)
L 150cm x W 70cm (Depth: 2.5cm)
L 180cm x W 70cm (Depth: 2.5cm)


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